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Description of issue and "how-to" (updated for Release 3.4) ...

001:  "Select Division to Score", "Select Class to Score" in Racing View -  this feature works fine as long as the column you are searching is in your View.  The problem is that the default "Normal" View includes the "Class" column, but not the "Div" column.  So when you move from the "Registration" View to the "Racing" View with Divisions already entered, they do not appear on the screen in the "Racing" View.  When you click "Select Division to Score" and enter the data you would like from the Division column, the searching does not work correctly.  
Workaround:  You need to add the "Division" column to the Racing View - go to the "View" menu and click on "Customize Screen Format", and make sure that the "Div" column is selected.  This will enable display of the "Div" column with the data you entered, and your "Select Division to Score" function will work fine.  

002:  How to Print lots of races:  Race Log ( in Racing View) will print the race finishes across the page under the column heading

...............  R_1  R_2  R_3 R_4 R_5 R_6 R_7 R_8 R_9 R10 etc
racer-1         1      2       1      3     2     4     1      2     3    dns
                    4      4       2      dsq  3     1     2 
racer-2         2      1       2      2     4     2     2     dnc   5    dnc
                   dnc   dnc   dnc  dnc  dnc  dnc dnc        

Additional races (Race 11 and above) wrap onto the next line under the same column heading for each racer.  To allow more races to print on the first line of each sailor and therefore less wrapping, use the following features.....

1) In Standard Print (direct to printer) - select a smaller font size.  Race Log will automatically fill in more Races across the page. You can select "Landscape" from the Printer dialog box to print a wider report.
2) In Web Format - select a smaller font size, and specify a wider Page Width in number of Race Columns to display, then Print from the Web view.  Make sure that all your data is printed on the output page - your races may be visible on the screen, however may not print if you specify too high a number in the Page Width.  You can select "Landscape" in the Printer dialog box to print out a wider report.
3) In WordPad Format - specify up to 157 for your page width (the default of 78 is appropriate for Wordpad "Portrait" mode and 10 pitch standard Font size).  When you click "Print", Race Log opens your report in WordPad.  Select "Page Setup" from the "File" menu in WordPad to change to "Landscape", and then choose "Edit", "Select All" to select the whole report, and then change the font size by selecting the "Format", "Font" menu to change the font size to 9 or 8.  Then Print using the Wordpad "Print" menu.  You can also do additional formatting such as "bolding" the column headings, increase the size of the Title line, entering notations, etc.  You may need to experiment with the Race Log Page Width setting to get it just right. 

The report file created by the Web Format and the WordPad Format is saved in the \Rlog\reports directory. 

003:  How to publish results to Website:   Select "Print" and then "Web Format".  The report will be displayed in a Web view.  Click the "Upload" button.  The report will be automatically uploaded to your Race Log folder at the www.racelog.com/results website.  

In order to upload to another website, you can pass along the generated print file (with a .htm extension) to your system administrator, or your web expert who will upload the file to your website via FTP.  The .htm file is located in your \Rlog\Reports directory. using FTP.  A link from another page on your website should point to the uploaded Race Log report file.

004: How to insert a DSQ into a fleet:  First click on the data screen at the Racer and Race you wish to DSQ.  Then select "Insert Penalty/Finish Resequence" from the "Edit" menu.  The displayed screen will allow you to select the Penalty, or enter a new Finish in the "Finish" box.  Then click the "Apply Insert Penalty/Finish" button.  Double check the top of this screen to ensure you are inserting for the intended Racer and Race.  Race Log will then automatically insert, and re-sequence the affected finishes in the Race.

005: Tie Breaking:  Racing View now breaks ties completely in accordance with the new Racing Rules 2001-2004, Appendix A8.1, A8.2, A8.3.

006: New Penalty Codes for Racing Rules 2000-2004, Appendix A11 supported in Race Log 3.2- DNC, DNS, OCS, ZFP, BFD, SCP, DNF, RAF, DSQ, DNE, RDG.  The previous codes are still supported as well.  If a fleet file contains the old codes (RET,  DND) Race Log will display them as new codes RAF, and DNE.

007:  The new Scoring Penalty for Racing Rules 200-2004, Rules 30.2 and 44.3(c) are supported in Race Log 3.2.  This is supported for the Low Point scoring method only.  The Race Log user can specify on the Scoring Method screen whether the penalty is to be a fixed amount, or a percent of entrants, and can specify the amount and percent values.  Race Log will automatically ensure that the penalty is less than or equal to a DNF, based on the DNF penaly amount in force at the time.  Race Log will display and print the actual Finish followed by an "S" or "Z" (SCP or ZPF), however will calculate the penalty into the score.

008:  How Large a Fleet File can Race Log handle:  Race Log 3.2 has been successfully tested with a fleet file containing 400 Racers and 50 Races.  Smaller fleet files have been verified with up to 100 races.  

009: Performance improvement in Race Log 3.2A 400 Racer fleet file with 50 Races took 3 seconds on a Pentium 166 to score, and was instantaneous on a Pentium 1200. This improved from 90 seconds and 10 seconds respectively in Race Log 3.1.



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