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Race Log is a comprehensive and easy to use One-Design yacht race scoring program.  Easily score individual regattas or a whole season of races.  Race Log provides tools for...   

1) regatta registration, 
2) scoring, 
3) publish results to the internet.

download - shareware version 3.6 with new Windows 7, 10 installer

purchase current Pro version 3.8


Check it out now !

>> Race Log Web <<

for PC, Mac, Tablet, iPad, iPhone, Android

Rebuilt from the ground up as a web application.
Same fleet and scoring ideas as the original Race Log for PC.

One web application, multiple devices.

Enter fleet data and scores on phone, tablet, Windows or Mac.

View results on phone, table, Windows or Mac

Active Result page - select from multiple report formats.

Nothing to install, just login to your own Race Log Web account.





Email Your Results

  • email your score results directly from Race Log (new in ver 3.6)

On-line, web Registration for regattas

Data Import

  • import data into Race Log from other sources
  • spreadsheets, csv, delimited files

Network Fleet Files

  • manage fleet files among geographically dispersed race managers
  • store fleet files on network

Combine Reports

  • combine result reports in Web format for uploading or printing multiple Division or Class results in one report.

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